Month: February 2020

Stormbreaker Electronic Axe

Top Review: My 4 y/o is obsessed with Thor and Groot, so this seemed like a win-win toy. The handle...Read More

Marvel Facts

The Avengers Facts

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the films, had to up his caloric intake to maintain his muscular...Read More

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too: A Guidebook

Michael Showalter’s Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too is the hilarious all-access guide to help a man comp...Read More

Best Cat Mom Ever Wine Glass

Top Review: I bought this as a gift for a friend and she just loved it! The glass is just simply aw...Read More

DC Facts

In 2000, a project was started to create a DC-multiverse crossover movie: “Batman versus Superman.”...Read More

Batman Facts

Artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger are the creators of the original character. Batman’s fame ca...Read More

Harry Potter Quote Decal

Bring the outdoors into your home with these alluring wall decals. Provides an interesting focal po...Read More

Spider-man Facts

Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appeared in August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #...Read More

Gameboy Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnet

Top Review: Product is amazeballs. I love walking into my kitchen and smiling at my refrigerator. I...Read More

Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light

Top Review: I absolutely love the style of this lamp. I keep it on my desk at work and everyone alw...Read More

Star Wars Facts

“Ewok” was never spoken in the original trilogy. The word “Ewok” is never u...Read More

Some Joker Facts You Didn’t Knew

Joker’s Actor Joaquin Phoenix Based His Laugh On Videos Of People Suffering From Pathological...Read More

Pacman Ghost Light Table Lamp

Top Review: Overall, I really like these lights. I have a bookshelf that I where I keep my PS4, vid...Read More

1144 Random, Interesting & Fun Facts

Top Review: If you put an apple in the sea it will float because it’s less dense than water. ...Read More

Salt Gun

Top Review Had to hide this product from my kids so they wouldn’t shoot each other in the face. A F...Read More

100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide

Top Review: I originally picked up this book so that I could learn 100 Deadly skills. I discovered ...Read More

Rick and Morty Funko POP

Vinyl Figures by Funko LLC. Each figure is brand new and comes sealed in box. Approximate size: 4 i...Read More

Roast and Toast Green Mug

Top Review: I didnt think it would actually work as good as it did but it does! If u plan to use on...Read More

Rick with Morty Figurine Pipe

Top Review: This Rick and Morty pipe is AWESOME! My boyfriend just loved it!

Dragon Ball Z Grinder

Top Review:I love the grinder. It’s grinds perfectly. It Should be a 3 chamber or the placement of ...Read More

J.R.R. Tolkien 4-Book Boxed Set: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Top Review: This lord of the rings book set is beautiful! The books are small, and the covers of th...Read More

Risk Lord Of The Rings Risk

Top Review: My son loves Lord of the Rings and this was the perfect gift for him. I played the game...Read More

Lord Of The Ring Facts We Sure You Didn’t Knew

Bean hiked to set in Boromir’s full suit of armor Great swaths of The Lord of the Rings was filmed ...Read More

Lord of The Rings Extended Edition Blu Ray

Top Review: There is a great deal of confusion about the Lord of the Rings Trilogy sets caused by t...Read More

Lord Of The Ring – Board Game – LOTR Journeys In Middle-Earth

Top Review: 1-5 players, Cooperative, Story-Based Adventure, App Driven SOLO REVIEW Overview of Gam...Read More

Things Retired Man Can Do With Is Time

Travel in Retirement – Go on day trips, cruises, foreign travel or visit each of the contiguo...Read More

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Top Review: While the hype and release of movies has died down, this game is still going strong. Th...Read More

Some Facts You Didn’t Knew About Wolves

Here is a list of a few facts most of us don’t know about wolves. Some of them are interestin...Read More

Amazing Lord Of The Ring Chess Set

Top Review: Overall, I love it. But there are a few little things you should know. One, the pieces ...Read More

Random and Amazing Facts About Animals

Here are some amazing facts about animals A newborn Chinese water deer is so small it can almost be...Read More

Facts You Didn’t Knew About Africa

Africa is so big, that it’s around 20.4% of all the land on earth! All of Africa was colonize...Read More

Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

Top Review for motion sensor toilet Light Pros: nice colors, motion sensor, night sensorCons: may n...Read More

Harry Potter Board Game

Top Review My son and I love to play this!!! There are lots of fun “Hogwarts” twists on...Read More

Things You Should Definitely Know About “Rick And Morty”

1. Rick and Morty are inspired by the characters Doc and Marty McFly. 2. Rick and Morty was adopted...Read More