Awesome Products Geeks will Love

USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

We don’t think there is much to explain why any geek would like it. You can share video and lunch a rocket to your friends. Get it here

Super Mario Bros Wall Decor

There is no geeky guy or girl that didn’t play Super Mario Bros. Now you can decorate your walls with some classic nerdy game, perfect for kids room or gaming room. Get it here

World of Warcraft Glasses

We think that even if you are not a gamer and you never played the PC still there is no chance you don’t know what World of Warcraft is all about. This glasses will be perfect to upgrade any gamer apartment. Get it here

Halo Master Chief Mask

For all you Halo fans out there, this helmet was made to look just like an authentic Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI head gear. The Helmet is made out of “high impact” polystyrene. Get it here

R2 D2 Trashcan

No room will be perfect without an R2D2 trashcan. You can put it in any room and it will automatically will draw attention. This trashcan will be a great gift for any Star Wars fan. Get it here

Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

It doesn’t matter if you saw only the new Star Wars movies only the TV shows or you are an hardcore fan that is trying to use the force on a daily basis, you know what, you don’t even need to be a fan of the brand, this ice sphere will look great any way. Get it here

Death Star Cookie Jar

O.K, O.K we know it’s the 3 item that is Star Wars related, but really, is there anyone that won’t like a Death Star cookie jar? Be honest. Get it here

Doctor Who Tea Infuser

This tea infuser is the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan, no matter what age or time. Get it here

Fellowship Of The Ring – Magic Mug

It doesn’t matter if you just read the books, saw the amazing movies an hardcore fan or just a casual, you will enjoy this mug, just pure some hot water and see how the fellowship beginning to appear. Get it here

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Keyboard size waffles. Because normal size waffles just aren’t enough. Get it here

Pokemon Ice Cube Tray

Do you remember as a little kid running to the living room waiting for Pokemon to start? Or the time that Pokemon Go was a thing? What great times. Now you can enjoy some Pikachu ice cubes, the mole is made from durable silicon so you can use it also for baking and make you some cute Pikachu cookies. Get it here

Tetris Night Light

Looking for a cool night lamp for your kid? A fun game you can play with him? This is perfect! you can change and build so, many things and have a great time with your kid and when it’s time for bed, just switch to on and let him relax with the light of what you built. Get it here

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