Housewarming Gifts

Feisty Pets Sir Growls

It looks like the perfect gift for kids or baby, the kind of teddy bear you will buy for the new pa...Read More

Pet Traveler Bubble Backpack

We are sure that anyone know at least one crazy pet lover that just want to take is pet everywhere!...Read More

Star Wars – Death Star Popcorn Maker

Looking for an awesome gift for a Star Wars lover? This popcorn maker will be perfect, now your fri...Read More

Star Wars – Death Star Toaster

There is no Star Wars fan that doesn’t want this toaster! Great housewarming gift for geeks, ...Read More

Scary Werewolf Dog Muzzle

Awesome gift that can make any dog owner happy. Match medium, large or extra large dogs.   Sav...Read More

Spiderman 3D Table Lamp

This lamp is just an awesome gift you can get for your coworker, friend or even as a housewarming g...Read More

Doctor Who Tardis Trash Can

Love Doctor Who? Looking for a awesome for gift that you Doctor Who loving friend will not only lov...Read More

Tactical Holiday Stocking

Yes, there is some time before Christmas but we couldn’t ignore this awesome stocking! With d...Read More

Shijian Swords Long Handmade Katana

  Who in the world wouldn’t like to get himself a freaking handmade Katana! Made from da...Read More

Pokemon Snorlax Slippers

Everybody need slippers so why not Snorlax? perfect fit, fluffy, comfortable and looking good. Beca...Read More

Pokemon PokéBall Lunch Box

We know that Pokemon is not as cool as it used to be when Pokemon go went out, yet this lunch box i...Read More

Star Wars Death Star Toaster

Looking for a gift that a Star Wars fan? You can look no more, this awesome toaster will make you t...Read More

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

Looking for a cool gift for a Harry Potter fan? Looking for a gift that could also help him? Look n...Read More

LED Clock Fan

Looking for a cool gadget for your coworker? Look no more! This awesome LED fan clock is the best t...Read More

Skull Shape Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

O.K, not only this speaker looks awesome, we mean, it’s shapes like a skull with glasses! But...Read More

Cards Against Humanity

Why: It will be the best game you ever play! It’s funny, crazy and unexpected. A prize wining...Read More

Solar Powered Office Calculator

It’s maybe one of the most basic things that any office most have, the calculator. But why th...Read More

Game Of Thrones Cushion Cover

Looking for a housewarming gift for a Game Of Thrones fan? Look no more! This awesome cushion cover...Read More

Haven Family Tree Metal Frame

A nice gift for Mom or Dad will be this great looking tree picture frame. It’s made out of me...Read More

Awesome TBBT Mug

This is one of the coolest mug you can find for a real TBBT fan, you can find around the site a lot...Read More

Mini Cow Vacuum

You must know the feeling of getting of your desk all dirty and messy. Clean it all up by throwing ...Read More

How I Met Your Mother Pillow Case

This pillow case is a really cool and cute “HIMYM” gift you can bring. With some of the...Read More

Suit Up Case Cover

Nothing show style like this awesome SUIT UP classic and simple iPhone case. Like Barney, its aweso...Read More

Barney Stinson mug

Woke up on the left foot? Feeling blue? Stop that and start being AWESOME instead. This cool mug wi...Read More

Complaint Department Mug

Got a complaint? Don’t want to hear it? get them this “Complaint department grenade cof...Read More

Personal Air Circulator

You know those hot days when you’re just sitting and feeling like you’re melting in the...Read More

Desktop Golf

Love to play golf? Now you don’t even need to leave your desk. On this awesome handcrafted de...Read More

Stress Buster Punching Ball

Aggression free coworker is a happy coworker. Get this cool stress relief desktop boxing bag. It wi...Read More

Cup Holder Clip

This is one of those gifts for coworkers that anyone would like to get. It’s all about comfor...Read More

Troika Digger Stationery Organizer

We love unusual designs for items. The “Torkia Digger Organizer” not only looks good bu...Read More

Hold it – Polly’s Tail

We have a variety of items in the Hub. This one is a must with it’s unique design. this decor...Read More

Easycare Phone UV Sanitizer Universal Charger

Most of us don’t know, but a phone is 18 times more dirtier than the average public restroom....Read More


One of those classic games that are always fun to play with anyone, family or friends. Conquer the ...Read More


This classic edition of the”Clue” board game,  will generate hours of fun. In this clas...Read More


Looks childish? Yes. Is it easy? Nope. This classic item may seem childish for the inexperienced, b...Read More


Who said a classic board game? You will go on a quest against your friends to get the “Crown ...Read More

Cards Against Humanity

Should we even say more? This card game will make you laugh until your stomach will hurt. You will ...Read More

Descent: Journeys in The Dark

Love D&D? You will love Descent: Journeys in The Dark! This board game is on of the most popula...Read More

Cosmic Encounter

An awesome board game that lets you choose to play one of 50 unique alien races each with there own...Read More


There is no such thing to have a board game night without at list considering the all time classic ...Read More

Settlers Of Catan

The game of the century by Games-con, Vegas. We think that the “Settlers of Catan” is o...Read More

Bamboo Laptop Desk

This bamboo desk is a great housewarming gift for people who work from home, or even gamers. The de...Read More

Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee programmable coffee maker is a great gift for everybody that moves to his own place, or ...Read More

Modern Glass Vases

This modern decorative round glass vases are a delight to look at. They look great and will give th...Read More

His and Her Key Holders

This his and her key holder is a cool gift for couples that are moving together. The key holder are...Read More

Shirt Folder

Every house need this shirt folder! It is an awesome Housewarming Gift, and will help you keep your...Read More

Ice Bucket with Flip Lid

After a long consideration, we think this is probably  one of the best housewarming gifts there is....Read More

Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Tray

You can bet your friend would love this amazing piece. A beautiful natural design only bamboo can s...Read More

Magicfly Power 3 AC Outlet

This wall mount allows you to charge up to 5 devices at the same moment, it has two USB ports and a...Read More

LINKYO Removable Chalkboard Labels

From time to time we find a  thing you didn’t know you need. This removable chalkboard labels...Read More

Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier

A good housewarming gift for guys, and probably beer lovers in general. this handcrafted wooden bee...Read More

Vibration massage seat with heat

it’s all about comfort when it comes to car seats. And when it comes to this particular item,...Read More

LightSaber Ice Pop Maker

Treat your self with something cold and sweet for the coming summer. This Star Wars Lightsaber Ice ...Read More

Storm Trooper Decorative Bookends

Two beautifully hand-painted, approximately 17cm (6.75″) tall storm troopers to guard your bo...Read More

Death Star Waffle Maker

A sweet waffle is good. A sweet waffle in the shape of the deadliest weapon in the Star Wars lore, ...Read More

Light Saber Flashlight

This flashlight gives you almost full light saber excitement while being useful in your day to day ...Read More

Light Saber Heat Change Mug

One of the best ways to open the day is with this heat changing mug with 13 kinds of Light Sabers l...Read More

Yoda 3D Lamp

Speaking of Yoda, you’re gonna love this one. Amazing decor for any Star Wars fan home is the...Read More

Star Wars Theme Goblet

The best birthday gift idea for a Star Wars fan or a wine lover is these goblets. The goblets are 1...Read More

Hisenberg “Wanna cook?” apron

A funny apron is a good gift to have, so obviously an apron with a sketch of Walter with a chef hat...Read More

Breaking Bad Coaster Set

You should consider using a coaster when you’re drinking from that shot glass and mug, and th...Read More

Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

this cool beaker style design could only be done with one intention: the perfect mug for real fans....Read More

Hisenberg Shot Glass

A shot glass is a fun gift to have, but how about a Hisenberg shot glass , with the famous hisenber...Read More

"Breaking Bad" Cutting Board

Rest assured, having Walter staring at you from the cutting board will encourage you to be extra ca...Read More

Breaking Bath 100g Scented Bath Salts

Genius right? try to bath with 4 diffrent bath salts, each with a diffrent scent, and all of tham l...Read More

Red Wedding Coffee Gift Mug

“I went to the red wedding and all I got was this bloody mug”. sounds about right eithe...Read More

Game of Thrones – House Lannister Stein

If the glass pint does not impress you, Join House Lannister in a toast with this spectacular Stein...Read More

Iron Throne Toilet Decal

Speaking about sitting down on the sit of power, why not have this funny Decal, and become the one ...Read More

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Regardless if you watch the show or read the books, fun and amusement are assured when it comes to ...Read More

Clue: The Big Bang theory

I mean come on, Clue and The Big Bang Theory at same box? nothing better, right? he six suspects in...Read More

Soft Kitty Pillow Case

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur,happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr” No...Read More

Ceramic Coffee Mug Sheldon

“Your head will now EXPLODE”. Every fan will appreciate this geeky gift idea, being one...Read More

Big Bang Theory Trivia Game

A game of Trivia and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard and Spock This amusing board game works on 400+ whi...Read More

Deadpool Costume Hooded Bath Robe

This Anti-Hero was one of the best way before his movie came out. The iconic red and black Deadpool...Read More

3D Light FX Marvel Thor Hammer

Bring your favorite Marvel superheroes into your home and get closer to the action like never befor...Read More

HoMedics MCS-610H Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion

This chair is just amazing! He got some cool and awesome features. Not only you get a kneading shia...Read More

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