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In 2000, a project was started to create a DC-multiverse crossover movie: “Batman versus Superman.” It was, sadly, abandoned in 2002, but a poster did make a cameo as a joke in the apocalyptic movie “I Am Legend”. It has since been restarted and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is about to release in March of this year.

The Green Lantern and Wonder Woman were supposed to become a love-couple, but that was scratched in the 70’s when DC received a letter by a fan that suggested the same idea. Due to legal reasons, this prohibited DC Comics from moving forward with the idea.

It was the mind-blow of recent years – in Justice League #50, Batman learned one of the Joker’s most deepest secrets. As he sat upon the Mobius Chair, which can answer any question, Batman asked it “what is the identity of the Joker?” The answer, to the surprise of everyone, was that there were in fact three incarnations of the Joker. The most common theory among fans has been that these three represent the Joker during the Golden (Jack Nicholson), Silver (Caesar Romero) and Bronze (Heath Ledger) ages of comic book history.

It goes without saying, the Silver Age was weird. With it came some of Superman’s most ludicrous talents. You had the strange but not extreme-like super-weaving that allowed him to make dresses really fast, the mind-control just by concentrating hard, and knowing who was calling on a rotary telephone. Our pick has to be the time when he could summon a tiny version of himself from his hand.

Wonder Woman Was Originally Named Suprema, Sheldon Mayer, who was the editor of Superman, was assigned to work on the project and dropped her name – possibly because it was too similar to “Superman.”

Adam West Was Not The First Movie Batman, In fact, two years prior to that classic cheese-fest’s release, Andy Warhol featured the Caped Crusader in a black and white film Batman/Dracula. Like Batman: The Movie, Batman/Dracula was a goofy homage to the comic book hero, though a significantly stranger one.

George Clooney was once giving an interview when the conversation shifted to the topic of his alleged homosexuality. When asked if he’d ever play a gay character in a film, he said he already did when he had played Batman (Batman and Robin, 1997).

Lex Luthor refuses to believe Superman and Clark Kent are the same person. Even after computer analysis that confirms the two are the same person. He still believes that nobody with Superman’s powers would hide from the world to live a normal life.

In 1997 Marvel and DC made a crossover comic special called “Batman/Captain America.” In this comic The Joker steals an atomic bomb after being hired by Red Skull. When he finds out that the Red Skull is a Nazi, he attacks him while proclaiming “I may be a criminal lunatic, but I’m an American criminal lunatic.”

When Joss Whedon took over the production of Justice League following Zack Snyder’s unceremonious departure, he had to re-film sections of the movie. For reasons mysterious however, Paramount forbade Henry Cavill from shaving his mustache. It was part of his image for their Mission Impossible sequel but was a false stubble really that hard to make? Justice League producers had to CGI Henry’s face and magically make his mustache disappear. Funny times.

The original version of the Man of Steel couldn’t fly. Yep, what a shocker! Instead, he could only “leap over tall buildings in a single bound.” It wasn’t until the 1940’s, when the animators of the Superman cartoon requested for him to have flying abilities.

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