Gameboy Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnet

Gameboy Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnet

Top Review:

Product is amazeballs. I love walking into my kitchen and smiling at my refrigerator. It smiles back (if you draw on it). Customer service is friendly. I didn’t personally have a reason to interact with them directly, but I get nothing but good vibes. It’s probably from the emails, which are hilarious.
Had zero problems with shipping, or packaging, or unpackaging. It arrived pretty quickly. Installation was easy, more or less…my gameboy screen is a lil’ crooked but, uh, I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler, so I’m pretty sure that’s on my end. If you’re a geek or a retro gamer or just love video games anyway, you and your refrigerator deserve this. Go buy it now and draw a derpy smiley face on it ASAP.
PS. Swagasarus promised me they’d go dance in public if I left a review. I request Ylvis’ ‘What does the fox say’ or the Numa Numa song to be playing from a nearby phone when you do. Guile’s Theme not a bad choice either ;-p.
Thanks for this fantabulous product!

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