Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Lord Of The Rings Card Game

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While the hype and release of movies has died down, this game is still going strong. The gaming community is thriving. And of all the LCGs Fantasy Flight Games has released this is unique. It is the only LCG that you can play solo. It is cooperative. And you get new quests with each set!
So is it worth buying? Short answer is yes. For the long answer keep reading. First off I have to say, that TheLightDarker’s review is the magnum opus for this game. So read that one for sure. And if you get into it check out his excellent YouTube channel he used to post videos too. Search for The Tenth Nazgul. But anyway, on to my review.
Fantastically themed, the LOTR LCG plays like an adventure. Your goal in the game is to control your threat (more enemies attack you the higher it gets and you lose if it hits 50), fight off enemies, and complete quests. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? It is. The game is tense and stressful sometimes. It can be extremely difficult. But it’s not overwhelming. It always brings you back for more.
The game can be played one to four players. But I think it shines more as a one or two player game. If you get too many people the quests can get too easy. But with just you, or a friend, the game is a vigorous challenge.
The components are fantastic too. The cards are high quality stock (as usual from FFG), the tokens are nice, the artwork is gorgeous, and the rulebook is easy to read and straightforward. You get three quests in the core set. And that doesn’t seem like a lot. But they will keep you busy for a while trust me!
They also release regular adventure packs for the game. You get a new quest and more player cards with each one. The packs run about $15 a piece. And when they go out of print FFG is really good about reprinting them so don’t pay that exorbitant price if you see it for a high amount.
The game is not necessarily cheap, because it is easy to get obsessed with and buy everything. But honestly, one copy of the core set can keep you entertained for a very long time. I personally recommend this game. Good stuff.

• Heavy theme
• Can be played by one player
• Scales well with others
• Excellent quality components
• Cheaper than a CCG/TCG game, but not cheap if you expand it
• Only one copy of some cards included in the core set. So to get a full playset you would need to buy three copies
• Can be frustratingly hard sometimes (I don’t know if it is even possible for just one player to beat the third quest!)

Bottom Line:
Amazing game and well worth the investment. Highly recommended!

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