Spider-man Facts


Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appeared in August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15.

Spider-Man wasn’t actually going to be a spider based superhero. Stan Lee actually wanted to base a comic on a fly or insect but decided on a spider.

Marvel’s first spider was actually Spider-Man. Journey into Mystery released a month before his first appearance, featured a giant spider.

The high school library, used for one of the “The Amazing Spider-Man’s” battle scenes, used a separate stage and was made of almost 3,000 feet of fake Styrofoam books with real covers.

Spider-Man did wonders for us youngsters; he was actually the first teen-hero who wasn’t an adult’s sidekick.

The correct way of writing the spider’s name is actually Spider-Man, Stan Lee specifically placed a hyphen to avoid confusion with “Superman”.

The Amazing Spider-Man finally made his last appearance in volume 1 in the 700th edition, released December 2012.

Spider-Man’s web dissolves within an hour and yet is strong enough to hold the Hulk.

Spider-Man’s web is faster than a bullet, in one situation Spider-Man managed to web a gun as the trigger was pulled.

Spider-Man is a very clever businessman, he has a doctorate and runs Parker Industries.

A weakness of the seemingly indestructible Spider-Man seems to be the pesticide ethyl chloride.

Former President Obama’s favorite superhero is actually Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series had only 3 punches in the entire series, this was due to huge censorship from Fox.

Filming of The Amazing Spider-Man was at Sony Studios’ Culver City lot and the film covered 7 stages with its sets.

During Kraven’s Last Hunt, Spider-Man managed to survive after being buried alive for two weeks.

Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four when the human torch died.

Toby Maguire, who played Spider-man in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy, insisted on a suit that would allow him to use the restroom without taking it off and going through the long refitting process.

Speaking of interesting movie changes, Andrew Garfield, who played Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-man series, suggested for a pansexual Spider-man at one point to be featured in a live-action film (I don’t know, I feel like a pansexual Spider-man just doesn’t fit the character.  Besides, we already have a Pansexual Spider-man in the form of Deadpool!)

There has been a total of 8 Spider-man cartoons: Spider-man in 1967, Spider-man in 1981, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends in 1981, Spider-man: The Animated Series in 1994, Spider-man Unlimited in 1999, Spider-man: The New Animated Series in 2003, The Spectacular Spider-man in 2008, and the current show Ultimate Spider-man that started in 2012.

Spider-man: The Animated Series shares the same universe with X-Men: The Animated Series on Earth – 92131

Spider-man can bench press 10 tons and has a top speed of 200 mph.

Spider-man is the first teenage superhero to not be a sidekick of an adult hero.

Peter Parker was a science buff and academically gifted. Because of these qualities he was bullied as a child and teen.

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