Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet

A No-Nonsense Navy Suit

navy suit

Every man needs a suit. You might not wear it daily base but it’s a most item in the closet for any official occasion. Get it here

A Gray Suit

gray suit

Yea we know, you already got the navy suit, but the navy is good for official occasion but not business occasions and that why you will need the gray one also, it’s the perfect color for work and business, black also can work here. Get it here

Classic White Button Down Shirt

white shirt

You can wear pretty much anything with a white button down shirt, it works with a plain jeans or a suit. Get it here

Brown Suede Chelsea Boots

A good pair of Chelsea boots is a year round essential, easy to wear, looks great with jeans and it can suit pretty much to any occasion. Get it here

Tan Derbies

Tan Derbies

Brilliant with navy and just as good with grey, a pair of tan derbies works as well with denim as it will with more traditional tailoring. Get it here

A Pair Of Black Wayfarers

Black Wayfarers

You need a good pair of sun glasses, it will upgrade your look by so many levels, and well, of course it’s also protect your eyes. Get it here

A Good Quality White T-shirt

White shirt

We really hope there is no need to explain why you need a simple white T in your closet. Get it here

A Nice Blazer

A nice blazer will make sure that you don’t overwhelm a room with a full suit when the occasion doesn’t call for it. But it can also separate you from the crowd a bit. Get it here



You need a good looking watch. It doesn’t need to be a 5K Rolex. But a good watch in around 250$ will do the job. Get it here

Dark Denim Jeans

Yea yea… We know, skinny jeans are so trendy right now, but we are not talking about what is trending now, we are talking about items you most have and a good pair of jeans is a most. Get it here

A Nice Polo Shirt

A button up shirt may be to official and just a T-shirt might be to casual and just for those kind of occasions a Polo shirt is the perfect fit! Not to casual but not to official. Get it here

Everyday Bag


There is an age when you can’t keep walking with your old backpack and it’s time to start and walk with a classic bag that you can go to work with. Get it here

White Sneakers


Now that Casual Friday has invaded the other four days of the workweek, a pair of spiffy kicks can be worn with anything from a full suit to jeans and a tee. Get it Here

You can have a look at more cool items that any man would love to have at his place in out Gift for man category

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